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Training and Behaviour Services

The Dog Learning Centre

Dogs are expert at being dogs! 

However, some normal dog behaviour can be tricky for us to live with and we are here to give you some help and advice. 

Our training is dog centred. We will teach you how to look at the world from the dog's perspective. By thinking about behaviour from the dog's point of view we can be much more effective at changing the behaviour and transforming your relationship with your dog.

Who we are

Clare Russell DipCabt

I am a fully qualified pet behaviour therapist with over 20 years experience of working with dogs and their people. 

I have a particular interest in dogs that are labelled 'reactive'. I also have plenty of experience of working with dogs who bite and fight. 

With my own dogs I enjoy teaching them new behaviours but also like to take part in the dog sport of agility. 

Lisa Haydon


Besides owning and running The Dog Play Centre, I am passionate about learning more about dog behaviour. 

I graduated from Oatridge College in 2012 with an HNC & HND in Animal Care. I began a dog walking business in 2012 alongside starting the plans to build and open The Dog Play Centre. I opened in May 2016 and since then I have been part of Clare's mentoring team and continuing my education to be able to provide our clients with an excellent behaviour and training service. 

I have undertaken hundreds of hours of courses over the years and qualified as an IAABC Training and Behaviour Consultant as well as the COAPE Dog Behaviour Diploma and working through the COAPE Canine Nutrition Diploma. I specialise in play, brains and behaviour for dogs and all my teachings are ethical and dog centred. 

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