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Training and Behaviour Consults

There are several reasons why dog owners enlist the help of a professional Trainer/Behaviour Consultant. Perhaps your perfect puppy has started behaving in an unsettling way that you cannot fathom, or your dog has all of a sudden began to react in a manner you find unacceptable. There are many factors to dog behaviour and their root causes.

What one person is happy to live with, another is not and may class the behaviour as a 'problem'. This could be something as simple as jumping up to greet guests or chewing on slippers, 'mouthing' or separation anxiety/destructiveness in the home. It is important that you seek the advice of your veterinarian in the more serious cases  such as aggressive or anxious behaviour, to rule out any medical issues.

Our sessions are positive reinforcement based and our methods modern and ethical. We want to help you to understand your dogs' behaviour and bring clarity to your situation.

Get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Online Consultations

We can now offer online consultations. Starting from £40 for a 45 minute session, we will provide you with a practical 'How To' video as well as comprehensive written training instructions. Please get in touch for more information or to book a consultation.

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