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Freedom Field

You can rent our field by the half hour for your sole use. This provides a stress free walk for you and your dog when you don’t want to meet other dogs, people or children. There are many reasons you may want a walk without distractions; your dog may be recovering from illness or injury, 'reactive' to dogs/people or you may wish to spend time training your dog in a safe and secure environment.

The Freedom Field is on our farmland site so therefore please dress accordingly. We are held to ransom by the weather. There is a shelter and seating as well as a cold water tap to rinse off boots and paws. We have several sand pits to encourage the dogs natural behaviour of digging, as well as plants dotted around for the dogs to use their nose. This is a form of TV or reading for the dogs, a highly rewarding and relaxing past time for them. Did you know your dogs nostrils work independently as well as together? They have an amazing sense of smell and by using their noses, it reduces anxiety and stress for them. Sniffing is so important and rewarding for dogs.

*Please read the info sheet prior to booking.

**Click the link below to book your slot.

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