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We're All About Dogs

Here at The Dog Play Centre, we’re all about dogs. Your pet is truly our passion. We offer play days which involve play, socialisation, basic training and of course, essential chill time for our four legged friends!

With a collective experience spanning 30 years, our staff are highly qualified and all have Disclosure Scotland certification to put your mind at ease. Life at The Dog Play Centre is more than just a job for us; we thrive to educate and nurture your dog, and our love and enthusiasm ensure we provide the very best service. (We are used to working with and caring for a variety of breeds and needs.)

The Centre is comprised of a large 190sq metre purpose-built building that affords itself to our dogs being able to run and play inside, as well as having many chill zones out of the way, for when those paws need a break from it all! Our Freedom Field is over one acre of 6ft secured fencing where the dogs can run, chase, play ball, sniff,  sunbathe or snow surf under our watchful eye.

Our daily routine ensures that your dog’s needs are met as well as maintaining a high standard of hygiene. In the morning, dogs arrive at the Centre, are signed in and then we go straight into free play in large groups. We play, feed, medicate (if required) and train the dogs throughout their day. In the afternoon we ensure all dogs are offered a rest (this usually means we have to rest up with them for cuddles on one of our sofas). Given our numbers, we rotate the dogs to ensure everybody gets everything they need from play days. We are used to caring for a variety of breeds and needs. If your dog has any special requirements that we can help with, let us know. Our main focus is canine behaviour and we monitor all the dogs to ensure they are safe and happy. Our aim is to offer a modern, ethical and loving centre of play!


We don’t want to merely look after your dog, we want to ensure your dog’s specific needs are met here and that they become and remain a stable and happy dog in all environments.

Our Team

Our Team

The animal lovers!

Lisa Haydon

Dog Play Centre Owner & Dog Trainer/Behaviour Consultant

Heather Vieira

Creche Manager

(Part Time)

Grace Calder

Doggy Bus Driver

Our Team

Meet the animal lovers!


Dog Play Centre Owner & Dog Trainer/Behaviour Consultant


Dog Play Assistant 
& Driver

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